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When you need options that go beyond traditional large order fulfillment, our professional staff is here to help. Many large screen printing companies rely on us to help them process and fulfill small orders that would otherwise be unprofitable or worse, turned away.

Not only do we provide top quality direct to garment printing, we also offer industry leading services to ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. We can even handle the fulfillment of your orders with our blind shipping programs. This way the product can be delivered to the end customer quickly, thus eliminating some of the additional cost and hassle usually associated with smaller orders.

About DTG Printing Services

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Wholesale Direct To Garment Printing

DTG Printing Services offers wholesale pricing so you can say yes to all those short run orders that are out there.  We have years of experience providing outsourced DTG and our commitment to service is second to none.  We make sure every aspect of your orders are correct, from quantity and colors, to size and image placement, to colors & shipping information. Our job is to make you look good!

Our Industry Leading Fulfillment Program

DTG Printing Services offers three fulfillment options, one of which is sure to fit your needs. The basic program includes a final check of the printed garment, folding and printing the packaging slip for shipment to you.  The plus package includes the same items, plus poly-bagging. The premium package includes all the items listed, plus preparing the blind shipping to your customer.

Convenient Sampling Program to Eliminate the Guesswork

How many customers come to you with and order but are a bit unsure.  Would a printed sample help them feel better about the purchase?  You’re probably saying yes. Up till now, the cost to produce that sample has been way too high due to the cost of the screens and the time to create it.  Now you can show them an example of what they’re going to receive at a reasonable price.

We have been in this business for quite a while and we have never had a printing partner as professional as Direct To Garment Printing Services.

S McGavin, Client